Latinx Design Directory is an open directory of Latina/Latino/Latinx designers and technologists, with ongoing editorial features of talent spotlights, created in an effort to highlight our community.


Zuli Segura has always explored themes of identity, displacement, representation, and untold narratives within her design work. For her MFA thesis, she began reflecting on what it means to work in a field where one is woefully underrepresented. Instead of stating the problem, she set out to give exposure and create a space for Latinx designers and technologists to celebrate their culture and bask in their Latinidad.

This curated open-directory aims to give Latinx designers and technologists the visibility and platform that’s been long overdue. It’s here to provide exposure, be a resource, help land a job or a gig, and in the end, champion each other. It’s time for us to be seen.


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